Training Fees

(per month)
Silver & Gold £35.00
B £33.00
C1 & C2 £29.00
D1 & D2 £26.00
Masters £35.00

* An annual fee is payable to cover SASA registration fees and club membership fees. This fee is currently £45 per annum: £43 for SASA fees and £2 club membership. This will be subject to change if SASA increase their fees. New members are charged pro rata depending on when they join i.e. March - August pay full fee, Sept - December pay 50%, Jan - Feb pay 25%.

Club fees are calculated to cover the cost of pool hire charges and professional coaching fees. Fees are charged monthly in arrears and must be paid by standing order. Standing order mandate forms can be obtained from the club treasurer or printed from the link below.

Gala entry fees vary from £2 to £10 depending on the grading of the gala. These are charged to the individual swimmer and are in addition to the monthly fees. Gala fees should be paid directly to the swim fees treasurer on advertised nights, usually Tuesday nights within the cafeteria at the Water Palace between 6.45pm and 7.45pm. Gala fees must be paid within two weeks after the gala, these can be prepaid before the gala.

Standing Order Mandate